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Double Pointed Quartz Crystal

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Included as an option in the Ajna Eye Mask and Pillow, these  quality double-pointed clear quartz crystals fit perfectly in the pocket. Sizes range from 50mm to 70mm in length and 12mm to 20 mm wide.  Allow us to choose for you!

Clear Quartz Crystals enhance the vibration and frequency of whatever’s coming through them. Quartz is used by the industry because of its piezoelectric qualities and its amplification properties. It’s this specific quality that makes these stones very powerful for metaphysical purposes and creates strong healing attributes within the stones.

These stones have the potential to amplify the intentions of the person who uses them. Their energy may be utilized if you’re a healer to create a stronger healing outcome.

By using crystals in our products we’re able to achieve several things:

  • Take advantage of the properties of those crystals to promote healing through the effects of the electro impulses and vibration coming through the crystal and interacting with each cell.
  • Intensify the effects of light and color (i.e. raise the vibration and frequency of the light waves interacting with the color’s properties) on the body and the etheric (energy) field.
  • Provide an energy fueling system designed to release electrons, recharge and permeate one’s subtle energy bodies with compatible high frequency subtle energies. In other words, balance your chakras and raise your vibrational frequency.

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