Chakra Teas


(Pronounced “Shock-Tea” a play on the Hindu word “Shakti” which means divine energy)  Each tin is 4 ounces, providing 15 to 20 cups per serving.  2 ounce tins available by request.



Stimulate the positive qualities and attributes of each of the seven chakras with our organic tea blends. Each loose tea is beautifully packaged in its own tin and comes with a crystal stone matched to the qualities of the tea and corresponding chakra. Simply place the stone and the tea inside the included infusion bag to steep it and the result is a crystal infused energized tea.

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Crown Chak-Tea, Ajna Chak-Tea, Throat Chak-Tea, Heart Chak-Tea, Solar Plexus Chak-Tea, Sacral Chak-Tea, Root Chak-Tea


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